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Call us for 'Short Sales Activity or pre foreclosure' ...
W we will provide direction in the handling of your property if you are
currently behind or in need of "short sale" listing in order to sell or market your property.  EXPERIENCED  Real estate consulting available... let's review your specific  situation &  arrive at educated conclusion. YES, we can create a win-win solution for your circumstances!

  • Short Sales -   when your house is worth less than you owe it can be sold as Short Sale to avoid a foreclosure
  • Loan Modification - Yes, we can request &  assist your efforts in saving your home / establish payment you can afford!

Yes, we have properties available --   we can represent you in any available/ currently listed property in MLS System / allow us to represent you ... protect your interests in either the sale or  the purchase of such a property. Experienced negotiator 25+ years Veteran Licensed Real Estate Professional at your service!  Please call 407 718 8777 ... BPO (Broker's Price opinion available free of cost) to establish true market value.  We can handle your transaction in 
today's market ...  it would be our privilege.

  • Call to schedule consultation (appointment) to review your specific circumstances...and needs

Hablamos Español!  If you find yourself upside down (owe more than you can sell for) call us today!  Together we may be able to create an exit strategy that will allow you peace of mind or to keep your home.

for immediate assistance contact:
Ms. Margaret Alexandra Davis,
Licensed Real Estate Broker-REALTOR
407-718-8777 direct
facsimile:  407-629-2047
"Hablamos  Español"
742 North Hampton Avenue
Orlando, Florida  32803

Margaret A. DavisMs. Margaret Alexandra Davis

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